Is the Penis Vacuum Safe and Effective for Overcoming Impotence?

Penis VacuumErectile dysfunction or better known as impotence is a problem that is quite disturbing to men. Because this disorder can reduce the level of male self-confidence drastically. A pumping device known as a vacuum penis or in a foreign term called a vacuum constriction device is said to be able to overcome this complaint. So, is it true that penis vacuum is safe and effective for people who experience impotence?

What is a penis vacuum?

Vacuum penis or also called penis pump is a tool used to help people with erectile dysfunction (ED) in order to get and maintain an erection before starting sexual intercourse.

Another device called a vacuum erection device helps achieve and maintain an erection by sucking air through a tube that is installed to draw blood to the penis.

This tool is made to restore the confidence of men lost due to erectile dysfunction that can damage their sexual activity with their partners. A report from the American Urological Association states that this device is also useful when drugs like Viagra are no longer effective.

The shape of the penis vacuum

The penis vacuum for impotence consists of three separate parts divided into:

  • Clear plastic tube to be placed on the penis.
  • The pump attaches to the tube that is equipped with battery power or can be manual.
  • Ring or narrowing ring used at the base of an erect penis.

How to use a vacuum penis

First, apply a water-soluble gel to the penis shaft to make the tube waterproof. Place the penis into the tube. Then pump the air slowly so that the penis is tightened and filled with blood (it takes approximately 10-20 minutes to reach full erection).

After that, place the ring at the base of the penis to maintain an erection. Rings usually come in several sizes and tensions. It’s a good idea to try different sizes of rings to determine which one is right for you.

Once the ring has been installed, you can remove the pump and start your sexual activity and your partner. With the help of this vacuum, most men can erect for 30 minutes.

So, how safe and effective does the penis vacuum for impotence?

Quoted from Web MD, research shows that as many as 50-80 percents of men who use this tool are satisfied with the results.

Some studies also show this tool to be one of the ED treatments that are quite safe and effective to use. A vacuum pump has also been proven successful to help prevent nerve damage that can result in temporary impotence in prostate cancer surgery.

This tool can be an impotence treatment that can be chosen for several reasons, namely:

  • The penis vacuum is quite effective. With proper exercise and use, the majority of men can get erections strong enough for sex.
  • The risk posed is lower compared to other impotence treatments.
  • Does not require surgery to minimize complications.
  • Can be used together with other treatments. This tool can be used in conjunction with other drugs or penile implants. In some cases, a combination of several treatments can work better to treat impotence.
  • Using a vacuum penis can help you regain erectile function in the penis for a while.

But like most other treatments, although it is relatively safe this tool also has side effects that need to be known, namely:

  • Causes red spots on the penis caused by bleeding below the surface of the skin called petechiae.
  • Numbness in the penis
  • The skin of the penis is bluish
  • Bruises
  • Pain
  • Painful ejaculation

These side effects are usually temporary and only last a few days after use.

The use of penis vacuum is considered safe and effective for overcoming impotence, not for enlarging the penis. This tool can not cure erectile dysfunction, but it can help you to rekindle your sex life with a partner.

Doctors also usually prescribe other oral treatments to treat erectile dysfunction on an ongoing basis. However, always consult a doctor before you decide to use this tool as one of the alternative treatments for your penis dysfunction.

Currently, there are some very popular penis pumps, one of which is Bathmate Pump. This pump uses the power of water to increase penis size. Apart from that, this pump is also safe to use without side effects.

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